Selecting Excel File only Once

Hi All,

I’m working in a routine which works which gets the information from an Excel File.

I’m also working with Dyno plugin. Every time I press the script button (created with Dyno), I have to select the elements to work with and the search the Excel file in my computer.

I want to select the excel file only the first time, and do only the selection of the elements every time I run the script. (The path of the the Excel file won’t be erased with the RAM memory).

I’m using the UI from the Data-Shape package (by @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi) and it offers a default path to the excel file. The problem is that the default path will change for every proyect I’m working in.

Hope I explained my issue properly, and any suggestions will be very valuable.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jorge_Villarroel ,
just a suggestion: could the file path be stored in a project parameter that is then fetched by your script and set as the default path for the UI node? This way each project would contain it’s filepath and it would be one less thing to ask the user.

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Thanks @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi. You just put a great idea on the table. It is 100% possible. Thanks a lot!

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