Save Excel file from Dynamoscript

I have created a Dynamoscript and it would like to save the output to a Excel file (Data.ExportExcel).
This node has a filePath input so I connected a FilePath node to it and set it to ‘Is Input’.
I want to run my script with the Dynamo Player where it asks me where to save my file. When I select a filelocation it says ‘file not found’.
So, the filePath node is no file save but a file load path. How do I save my file to a desired fileloaction?


It’s not necessarily a file load or file save. I believe in this case the file has to exist already in order to save to that location.

Ok. That’s what I thought. But Is there a node (or package node) that doesn’t need a base-file but can save to a certain location?

Not that I know of. You’ll probably have to use two separate inputs: a directory path that you select and a file name that you input. Then the dynamo script will create the file at that location for you.

Hola me encuentro ante el mismo problema ¿pudo encontrar solución?. Muchas gracias!