New Revit nodes in v1.2.3 daily builds

Hi All,

We are getting ready for a 1.3 release, and we have a number of new functionalities that we would appreciate your feedback on. Here is a draft list of what’s going in, please take a look at the latest builds available at

Large number geometry scaling: For folks who have had trouble with geometric precision in models with large numbers (buildings and landscape projects described in mm), there is a solution that adjusts numerical precision to accomodate these large numbers. Check out the Geometry Scaling section in the Settings menu.

Isolate geom preview: When the mode is enabled, only selected nodes will have their corresponding geometries displayed in full opacity. Geometries that correspond to unselected nodes will be displayed transparent with 10% opacity for meshes and 20% opacity for lines and points.

Dynamo Dictionary Access from context menu: A link to Dynamo Dictionary is added at the bottom of help menu popup window. This is available for the out-of-the-box core Dynamo nodes. Next phase will include Revit nodes

Preview Bubbles enabled for Revit Selection nodes

Multi-output port re-connect feature using Shift+Left-Click

Fixed line break issue in for group titles, increased group titles font size

New Revit nodes:
(some sample files to help you get started: )
Curtain System

  • CurtainSystem.ByFace
  • CurtainSystem.AddCurtainGrid
  • CurtainSystem.RemoveCurtainGrid
  • CurtainSystem.CurtainSystemType



  • FailureMessage.Description
  • FailureMessage.FailingElements
  • FailureMessage.Severity


  • FamilyType.ByGeometry
  • FamilyType.VoidByGeometry


  • Floor.AddPoint
  • Floor.MovePoint
  • Floor.Points


  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.ByID
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.Execute
  • Performance Advisor Rules
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.Description
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.Enabled
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.Name
  • PerformanceAdvisorRule.RuleId


  • Roof.ByOutlineExtrusionTypeAndLevel
  • Roof.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel
  • Roof.AddPoint
  • Roof.MovePoint
  • Roof.Points



  • Wall.ByFace
  • Wall.Location

Global Parameters (still coming, not in build yet)

Incomplete list of Bug Fixes

  • Dyn file association launches Dynamo Studio but does not load the file
  • 2D geometry now supports the Alpha channel from the ColorByARGB node
  • Convert between units gives incorrect Hectares for Area conversion
  • More fixes to avoid conflicts with other Revit Addins (in particular, AvalonEdit collisions)
  • Pinned preview bubbles remain visible after unchecking Show Preview Bubbles
  • Crash fixes associated with Code Block Nodes in error states

Not seeing this one in the mentioned settings menu. Did it make it into build

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@john_pierson Ah, looks like this is in the Master branch, but not yet in this branch leading to 1.3. Stay tuned.

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Cool, will have some updates soon! I really dig the performance advisor nodes! Thank you Dynamo team! :open_hands:

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Ok, isolate in daily builds now. Also Global Params!

*Begins to frantically close Revit and Dynamo. Then heads to :grin:

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Global params aren’t quite in the latest build yet. Thought I would let you guys know.

I was just using it . . . what version of Revit are you in?

Ah, that’s interesting. I was in 2016 and it does not show up in that version.

Hi @john_pierson

Global Parameters were introduced in Revit v2016 R2, and then improved in v2017.

Are you using Revit 2016 R2?

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Global Parameters API was fully implemented in R2017.


@john_pierson Isolate Preview Geometry now available in the latest daily build of 1.2.3, please try and let us know your feedback.

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Awesome! I plan on writing a full review. :smile:

Hey John, have you had a chance to try the FamilyType.ByGeometry? I’ve seen a strange lag in getting my Dynamo control back, although the operation is completed in Revit. But only reproduces on my machine, not on others in development.

It seems to run as expected for me.


  • Revit 2017.2

  • Windows 10

  • 16 gb RAM


Is there any known Incompatibility of the current build of 1.2.3 with Dynamo Studio installed?

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Nope, I’m using just such a combination myself. What are you seeing? When we release, the suggested upgrade path will include a Studio specific patch from the Autodesk Desktop App

When installing the current Build, DS will not start, Un installed and Reverted to 1.2 and DS works again.