Fatal crash with Revit 2019.1 and Dynamo 2.0.1, Loading Graphs in RO Folders

I’ve had a repeatable silent fatal crash of Revit 2019 when attempting to open a graph that was located on a RO network folder. I wanted to open the graph only to take a screenshot, so the fact that it was in a RO folder didn’t bother me. But Revit dying to desktop did bother me. :wink:

RO = Read Only? If so, some aspects of Dynamo graphs need the ability to write back to the original file. This most often occurs when working with element binding or upgrading 1.x formatted graphs to 2.x.

Yes, RO means read-only. Understandable about needing write capability. However, this should not result in a violent crash of Revit. Also, neither of your listed conditions apply. So that is why I’m informing you fine folks of the
fatal error. I could have lost an hour or so of work had I not saved right before starting Dynamo (call me paranoid or wise.)


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The informing method would be to submit this to Autodesk support (which I work for, but this is not the channel for such), or the Dynamo GitHub. Be sure to provide the Dynamo logs and the Revit Journal. If you need a screenshot of the graph send it to me here or via a PM and I’ll try to provide one tomorrow.

Thanks for helping to find the issues.