FamilySymbol with the specified name does not exist in the document

Hi, I’m trying to place some columns from an excel sheet, as we can see the family exist in Family Types but it says it doesn’t exist in the FamilyType.ByName

Any idea what might be the problem?

Thanks for your help

Hello @WiZard and welcome…not sure why you want get the family type by name as you already have it with "get family types…but you could try get the name…if i understand right :wink:

Hi @sovitek thanks for you help, I’m trying to place columns using the FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel and it requires a familyType input instead of the string I gotten from the list.
Thanks why I need to create the FamilyType using the string

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Arrhh sorry now i understand :wink: how about something…

Thanks for your help! I managed to do it by splitting the string into dimensions and family name.

Now my next question is how does dynamo or revit know which family type the dimension belongs to?
From my screenshot we can see that only the column dimensions (300 x 450mm etc.) are input into FamilyType.ByName and it returns accurately the family type and family name of it. Why does dynamo not return another family type which also has the same dimension e.g., a window etc?

I believe it will return the first one found, and as such this should be accounted for in either the naming of the family types or in the authoring of the graph (ie: get the family from the first half of the name you split, then the types from the family and filter for the full name match).

Hi @jacob.small

Managed to use FamilyType.ByFamilyNameAndTypeName node to combine my family name and type name to get the FamilyType

Thank you for your help!

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