Revit Family Instance Location

So I am new to dynamo, so super basic question. Want a want to do is find the location/coordinates of a bunch of door in the my model. Found the FamilyInstance.Location component and it looks like it takes an input of a Revit.Element.FamilyInstance but don’t see a way to create one. I thought may maybe I could use the Family Types component to search for instances but that doesn’t seem to work.

Dynamo Family Instance

Get Family Instance Location

Awesome. Thanks. But were did you find the “Get Family Instance By Type” Component. I assumed it would be with the Family Instance category, but couldn’t find anything. Nothing under Family either.

Are you using the latest build 6.3?

In the latest version it doesn´t appear. aggh!! I can´t obtain the door´s family coordenates.

This should do the trick nowadays:


Element.Location is part of the Clockwork package by the way.