FamilyInstance.ByPoint/ByCoordinate _ Error with the vertical placement


I am trying to place families using the Dynamo nodes (FamilyInstance.ByPoint and FamilyInstance.ByCoordinate). Both nodes are placing the families but not failing to place them vertically. Basically, just placing the families at the lowest level while the coordinates indicate higher spots.

Note that if I run the script again from Dynamo the second set of families are placed at the correct location!
If we use Dynamo player to run the script, the families are placed at the lowest level every time.

Been struggling with this for a while, any suggestions would be appreciated!


This is something to do with element binding… Which we don’t have an ‘off switch’ for inside Dynamo (I don’t believe).

The second run is remembering the first run’s input and adding the Z value, for whatever reason, it does seem a little unexpected, but perhaps that’s because i don’t fully understand the binding process.

When you run through Player, there is no binding, so you don’t get that problem.

There is a post here and further link you might find useful:

Hope that helps,