Create instance by point error

Im trying to place family instances in revit but the first item in the list always seems to be placed incorrectly (Not at the coordinates provided in dynamo), all other items are placed correctly.

I have heard that this is a known bug. Does anyone have a good work-around or fix?

I have tried adding dummy items to the start of the list so these are placed incorrectly instead, but this doesnt work consistently.

Solution seems to be to change something in the graph (dis-connect and reconnect some nodes) and run again… an annoying manual step

Add a useless switch like this;

Run (With fault), switch, run again (Correctly placed)

Can it be related to this?

No this seems to be another issue.
Its only the first items in the first run that are wrong. Re-running after making a small change makes everything run fine, including the z coordinates

Oh, i see… he changed the definition and then it worked as expected. Its a single item but I guess that is ‘the first item in a list’. I guess it is the same issue.

He Joseph_Peel, did you already found a better solution for this Bug?? I’m experiencing the same problem with my script in combination with the FamilyInstance.byPoint Node. It also seems to be the first item in the list.