FamilyInstance.ByHostAndPoint - Instance in wrong location


I’ve got two models - architectural and MEP.
MEP engineers just linked architectural model, so in theirs model isn’t structural elements - walls and floors. They model opennings as generic model cubes.
I made a graph which get dimensions and location (by this parameter I look for right host) of this cubes and than by Spring Node node (FamilyInstance.ByHostAndPoint) create void in architectural model.

In test envitonment everything works well (real MEP model linked to empty model with two walls in right location):

But in real architectural model graph works really weird!
If I set to graph void instance it doesn’t cut anything.
So i tried similar family, but solid, not void and waht I’ve get:
My “voids” are translated by two different vector, always parallel to walls.

I’m sure that points put to FamilyInstance.ByHostAndPoint node are correct.
Z is not the same, because instance is creating by the lower edge, not center.

Does anybody know what is going on?



Does the models have same Origin? 2021-03-15_15h57_21
Maybe you can discripe your topic more in detail…



It was my first thought, but models have the same shared coordinates and same internal point.

Hi @j.krol I recommend you use this

It works in the script I’m using

If it doesn’t work, if you share your script, there may be an opportunity to review it.

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