How to Host family to Linked Model Element/How to use FamilyInstance.ByFace

Hello what I’m trying to do is host a specific 3D family in my model to elements in a linked model or at least place them at their locations/coordinates from a linked model, what I’ve done so far is create a script that pulls in all the elements from the necessary category in the necessary category from the linked model and applied logic/tests to filter down to a list of elements ID’s that I’m interested in, from there my plan was to use the Element.Locations+ node from clockworks to get the coordinates of the elements I’m interested and feed them into Family.Instance.ByPoint this is where I run into a major problem. If I use the this Family.Instance.ByPoint the family comes into the model at the wrong orientation its rotated in the wrong direction and to make matters worse if I place family instances using this node I can’t rotate them any other way or pick a new face or workplane I don’t know why this is or why those fields are greyed out, if I use 2D families though no problem, but not really an alternative 3D required. So I’ve been looking around the forum for the past week trying to come up with a solution and it seems the solution to my problem is hosting these 3D families to the surface of elements from the linked model or creating dummy surfaces in my model and hosting to this using FamilyInstance.ByFace, but I have no idea how to use this node properly,like how do I get the Faces for the input, or orient the families I’m trying to place or host to my linked model elements or create dummy surfaces, can someone please point me in the right direction as to how to properly use FamilyInstance.ByFace node and host or create dummy surface to host to linked model elements?

Hi @raymond.humes

We had discussed this earlier. You will find solution in this post:

Thanks I’ll take a look.

HI KulKul could you take a look at my script I’ve been trying to adapt the script you directed me to that you write for Greg McDowell, but the code doesn’t seem to be working for me, specifically the first place the script seems to break down with regards to the elements I’m trying to adapt from your script is at the List.Map node which just outputs nulls and from there the script breaks down as a null is simply being fed to Element.Faces. I’ve annotated my script and attached it at the below link could you please take a look and help me figure out where this is going wrong, its named “Test_Host_linked_Model” ? Also I tried a variation of the method you used for Greg utilizing bounding boxes and when I tried this method the script failed giving me the following error at the Family.Instance.Byface node. “Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of ByFace that takes arguments of type (Revit.Elements.FamilyType,__array,__array,Function)” I attached that script in the file “Alternative host to linked model” at the below dropbox link could you please take and help me out with this I can’t seem to figure out what’s gone wrong, I’m attempting all this in Revit 2018 by the way.