FamilyInstance by work plane

Hello everyone

I am trying to find a node to create a FamilyInstance that is workplane based.
The workplane of the element should be a level.
I found the FamilyInstance.ByFace node but this method asks for a face. So how can I change a level into a face so Revit knows that the worplane is a certain level?
Maybe there is a node to change the work plane of an element after it has been created? I haven’t found one yet.

Thanks for the help!

Perhaps this node will help?

You may want to ensure your points are on your level plane first.

Thank Jacob, it worked well!

Somehow the family has no Work Plane reference now when it is created in dynamo but when i schedule the family it is on the correct level. Weird that i found the level reference in the schedule and not in the properties of the family.

Enjoy your day!

How may I ensure that my points are on the level plane. Does this mean translating the Z value of the points to the value of the elevation of the nearest level?

Thanks in advance

Pull the Z value of the point (point.Z), and the elevations of the levels. Find the elevation below the Z or closest to that by mathematical comparison (for below it’d be the last of the less than values, and for closest it’d be the minimum value of the absolute difference), and pull that elevation. Then reconstruct the point using the previous point’s X and Y value, and the Z value of the level.

I did this but for whatever reason the class still seems to paste the family instance on the ground level. The Picture shows my inputs for the FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel node.