Add level to elements

Hello everyone, I have made a mistake by placing family instances use the node “FamilyInstance.ByPoint” so now these elements don’t have Level parameter. And I have connected them to other elements, the quantity is over 1000 elements so I can’t place them again by node “FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel” and connect them from the beginning. Is there any way to add the Level parameter to those elements directly? Please give me some advice. Thanks in advance.

In most cases if you cannot change the level as a property in Revit normally, Dynamo probably can’t either. Most family placement methods will only get a chance to specify a working plane or host on placement in my experience.

If anyone knows of exceptions to this feel free to note them however.

@Luffy11 ,

first step check your elements, that “workplane placing” is turned on. reload it. And than you will be able to replace the level.



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