Family X,Y,Z Data Extraction to Excel or Schedule

Good morning! I am fairly new to revit and VERY new with Dynamo. I have been learning rapidly and have done countless hours of research on the topic.

One of our subcontractors was able to extract X,Y, Z coordinates from a model based on family. I have his model and graph, however when I run his to schedule penetrations, the XYZ values are not coming into my schedule. I have also tried to export to Excel to no coordinate avail. One thing was suggested was to add XYZ parameters to the project parameters, still to no avail.

I’ve watched a tutorial my sub suggested and mimicked the entire video, but at step of element.location+, the tutorial showed coordinated and my seat did not.

Please see snipits below:

Warning: Point.ByCoordinates expects argument type(s) (double, double, double), but was called with (Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Point, Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Point, Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Point).


Try this code may it helps…sample

Point.ByCoordinates node actually speaks for itself and make up a point out of coordinates, not vice versa. What you should do is to take Point.X, Point.Y and Point.Z nodes from @rajkumar.kolli93’s reply and make up a list of data from it

Do you want to feed the X,Y,Z values to your family…

Thanks rajkumar, I actually have that same graph which was provided by our subcontractor and was able to get it to work with my model when the shared was checked in the family, thanks!

mironov, I think I understand as point.bycoordinate creating not retrieving values, I must not have read or understood the input output descriptions correctly.