Family Types no longer always remembering selection


We have a script that we using with Revit 2016 > 2019, and with Dynamo 1.3.2 the Family Types node would remember the selected family:type regardless of which version of Revit you were running Dynamo with.

I’m finding that with Dynamo 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 that the selection is isn’t retained when opening the script with different versions of Revit.

If I open Dynamo from Revit 2017 and set the types, save close, restart the selection is retained. If I open that same script via Revit 2018 the selection is changed.

Staying in 2018, if I correct the selection and save the script, restart 2018 etc. the selection is retained. If I then open the the same script via 2017 the selection is changed again.

Can anyone else replicate this? Is this a bug in Dynamo 2 or a deliberate change in behaviour? Either way, it causes problems with sharing scripts with other people, so if there’s a fix/workaround that anyone can share that would be great!

As a workaround, get the family type by name or other method instead of by the drop down.

The drop down wasn’t ever stable in my experience as files differed so the families available differed causing that step to break.

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Hi Jacob, good suggestion for a workaround which I’ll do for now, thanks.

It’d be nice to get this node working again though given that it’s an ootb node.