Drop down menu problem

I’m using “Element Types” node with a drop down menu. I want to retain the type that I’ve pre-selected in the drop down menu and save the script for users to run with Dynamo Player, the problem is every time you run the script the Element Type changes from the pre-selected type and does not run. I don’t want users to have to open the script, fly out the drop down menu and select the correct Element Type every time the run the script. How do I get Dynamo to retain the pre-selected value?

try Data-Shapes package to customize a drop-down list like you want

Hi @jbrazier,

You can use the ElementType.ByName of the Clockwork package to retain the pre-selected type.


That worked, thanks

@erfajo, you’re as well informed here as I am with this one. Be sure to follow the blog and such to keep up with any news.


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This is what we’ve always done since we started using Revit in 2006. If something doesn’t work natively we find a work around and then the workaround becomes standard practice!

For those who might be curious. Here is the related Github issue that demonstrates this fix in action as well.

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This has been the biggest frustration for me migrating my graphs over to 2.0. The biggest setback from this isn’t me adjusting it each time I use a different Revit version, it’s creating graphs for designer’s to use through Dynamo Player - I can’t wait until 2.1 is released!

  • Tyler

Getting content by name migrates fine while we wait for the update. :slight_smile:

So, it seems that 2.1 will not be coming to Revit 2017-2019. Will there be a final fix for the drop-down issue in these versions though? I have many graphs that would need quite the rewrite to hardcode the drop-down content (i.e. Phases, View Templates, View Types, Family Types, etc.).

I am not sure the reason that 2.1 wont be coming to '17-19, but there must be a way to provide an update to some of the version 2.0.2 bugs that prevent a more user friendly experience with Dynamo. My biggest concern is for those using DynamoPlayer. As I am rolling out tools for our designers & showing them DynamoPlayer (Revit 2018+ for Dynamo version 2.x.x) as a way seamlessly integrate Dynamo into their Revit workflow, I worry this will prevent adoption.

Not sure why you think this. However 2.0.3 is a ‘bug fix’ release not a new feature release per semantic versioning, so many of the bugs which you see resolved in 2.0.3 and other future patches will likely include items resolved in 2.0.3. I suggest you try out the daily build and provide feedback on the github (the place for direct development feedback) for issues which need resolution.

Note that the drop downs changing dates back quite a way in Dynamo’s history.