Does Dynamo remember designated family types?


I set a file up a few weeks back to determine the size of some adaptive columns I made.

These are fully loaded into the revit model.

I used dynamo to determine where they are placed.

The columns generated successfully.

However I went back into the file today (with the originally revit file open, with all the families loaded)

I find that for each of the family nodes Dynamo has placed a random family and has not remembered what family I used to generate the original geometry.

I would have thought that once you choose a family using the family node that dynamo will look for this family even after you open the same file after close.

This is frustrating as I don’t want to keep telling dynamo which family to look for.

The other way would be to change the section sizes in revit manually once the raw geometry is placed.

This file has not been used for other revit models and is specifically for generating geometry for one file so I don’t understand why Dynamo has changed the family inputs?



There was recently a lot of work with Selection nodes to make them work better. Most of that work should be reflected now in the daily builds, and I think this issue has been fixed. If you are using a recent daily build, and if you see this again, let us know:

  1. What version of Dynamo were you using when you first saved the file a few weeks ago?
  2. What version are you using now?
  3. What version of Revit?
  4. Can you reproduce the problem now, with your current setup, if you save the file and reopen it again?

I had this occur to me several times while using Revit 2014 and Version 0.7.1. However, after upgrading to version 0.7.2 it hasn’t happened since (1 week).

Hi there, I’m sorry for the delay in providing more information.

I was using the old build therefore once I update hopefully this won’t happen again.


Although I do have to set the family types again (from the last time) however it’s comforting to know it’ll remember the family types this time.


Thanks guys!