Family Types do not match when trying to Place fixtures from one project into a different Project

I am trying to take a Revit file that has lights placed in it and export that to an excel file. Then Import the lights into a new Revit Project with the correct XYZ location and Parameter information that I need. So far everything has been going pretty good, I have run into the problem where what I exported from Project 1 for Family and Type do not match what I need to import into Project 2.

the left side is what I get in excel when I export from Revit project 1, using the “Elements.Type” node. The right is what i have in Project 2 - (with node that is shown.) Why are they different? In the Import excel to revit Pic I am running into problems connecting from the list to the “FamilyInstance.ByPoint”

I am very new to this so let me know your thoughts.

New users can only do one pic at a time so here is the next one.

and the last one