Create type catalogue

Hi guys,

Does anyone have any resources I can turn to in regards to generating a type catalogue from revit and opening in excel?

My predicament I’m currently in is I’m trying to create different coloured roofs in the one family and apply the solar absorption value to each colour but keep as the one family for scheduling purposes. In the different types a lot of the values will stay the same however I find the duplication process so much quicker in excel as a type catalogue rather than straight out of revit.

Can anyone steer me in the correct direction? Or link me into a topic that is similar and I just can’t find.

Cheers legends :+1:

Hi @brodieLFGM9,

Create your differents types in excel, then use the ElementType.Duplicate node and SetParameters nodes to create the new types with the given properties in Revit.

The Create Compound System FamilyType can be used to create different families.

I don’t quite follow. You can export a family type catalog directly from the family editor.

Its a system family so it doesn’t quite work the same.

Ah, missed that it was for a roof. Still should be a straight forward export from Revit to Excel, duplicate and make your types there, then import and create new duplicate types in Revit. Just need the typical get/set parameters and import/export Excel for the most part.