How to Transfer the excel data into revit families

I was creating a script that duplicates family types using data from excel spreadsheet.
but I don’t have luck how to get it done. It creates Family Type automatically however all the data from excel such as dimension and certain text aren’t transferring into Revit families. Please post your dyn and rvt files (or a link)

Conveyor Idler_Figure 12_Face Base.rfa (1.6 MB)
Excel Data.xlsx (16.2 KB)
Duplicate Family Types From Excel - Idlers_test.dyn (171.1 KB)

The attached Revit Family v2017 / Excel Data / Script.

Have you checked the parameter types on every parameter in your project?
Can you show the list in the pink group :)?

yeah. I have no problem about the parameters.
The thing is, all the value filtered in the list.create (data from excel) aren’t transferring to SetParametersByName(TypeOrInstance) all the list become empty.

You may try the script, just load ang place the family in the project.
anyway Revit version 2017