Family location Point

Hello everyone, I would like to ask how it’s possible to relocate/move the family point location to be in the center of the desk for example as shown below


this is nothing to do with Dynamo- but the way the family is created.
You need to edit the family



Hi andrew this is clear to me , so maybe its better to explain it in this way, i want to accsess the family parameter and be able to change the location family point by dynamo . what i have many shelves that i wanted to place around in the inside room boundries but the issu is that the point is at the corner of the object and i need to move it to the center of the object


This is the intersection of all three Origin planes in the family. While it’s most likely possible with Dynamo, it would be way easier to do manually in the family editor.

Hi Nick, I would like to know the dynamo solution if you have any suggestion, i would be appreciated

Can you explain why you need a Dynamo solution? Do you have many different families that need to be modified?

Reference planes have a parameter that sets whether they determine the family origin or not. You’ll just have to find the reference planes at the center or your family (or create them if they don’t exist) and set the parameter.