Specifying a co-ordinate system origin by point for bounding box routine

Hi all,

I have a code that works with bounding boxes which is intended select/rename a family from left to right and from top to bottom on screen. When testing, I’ve noticed that if the families have negative co-ordinate values, it doesn’t work as intended (it goes in the opposite direction from right to left) Is there a way of telling dynamo to set a temporary origin for the bounding boxes to scan from left to right on page via a detail line or family origin.

Thanks in advance

Hi @James_Washbourne

Use Geometry.Translate node to set origin.

Please see the code below, what I need is a node that changes the co-ordinate system in dynamo between the “All Elements of family type” node and the “element.boundingbox” node, thus changing the co-ordinates of the boundingbox. min point node to a positive value relative to the new co-ordinates system.