Place family into a Selected Surface.(Ceiling )

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem, placing an object on a surface that is similar to an old thread. place family by point-bug by @tomasz.puchala. I am experiencing something similar now where the object gets placed in a different location after re-running. :slightly_frowning_face:

Even though, I saw a suggestion from @Kulkul to use Python Script as per the thread FamilyInstacne.ByPoint overwrite for similar problem.

Even after trying it, I am not able to fix the issue. The family objects are been placed in different locations when re-running the script or after reopening the file. I am clueless even after using Python if the same issue is repeated, which forced me to post it again. Animation

I need the objects (family) to be placed on the points on the surface and where the origin of the family object is in the center of the object. I need something like this

I had attached my dynamo script and Revit file if anyone would like to have a look into the issue.
[IsoLineMethodREscripting.dyn|attachment].IsoLineMethodREscripting.dyn (191.3 KB)

Revit file:

It will be great if someone could help me out.

Thank you and have a nice day :smiley:

Hi @justin.james

Could you download again your Dyn file? it’s not accessible.

Hi Kulkul,
Thank you for your response
IsoLineMethodREscripting.dyn (191.3 KB)
Here is my Dynamo file?

Thanks for uploading again.

Is this what you need?

Try this dyn file:
IsoLineMethodREscripting_For Justin.dyn (194.9 KB)

Yes, I need exactly this,
But I am not able to open the file you just uploaded can you resend it again, please.

This is how when I try to open the dynamo file you just uploaded :frowning:

Try Right-Click File → Properties → Unblock:

@justin.james If you still have issues. Just add “Element.SetLocation” node at the end of your graph:

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It works fine now :smiley: :partying_face:

Thank you so much for your time.

Hey @justin.james
can you please send script again