Coordinates relative to family

I am looking to use the mid point of one family to place a different family

What I have attempted so far was to translate the location point of the family using a type parameter but the vector is based off of the project coordinates rather than the family.

Is it possible to use the references planes within a family in dynamo? I have looked and havent found a solid answer. It would be much better if i could just extract the L/R center reference plane and mid reference plane within the family to create a point to place the new family

Hi @dhughesEX49J,

Not sure that this is what you are looking for but the Element Origin Reference node finds the origin of the family instance (intersection of the reference planes Center (Left / Right) and Center (Front / Back).
Element Origin Reference

I need a reference plane i added my self to the family.

the red is the Center (Left / Right) and Center (Front / Back). What I need is highlighted in green.

There are a few nodes that might help you to find the right reference plane by his name or type.

Thanks but I am still not getting what I am looking for. Element origin reference is coming in null

Is it suppose to be listing the reference plane by name?

Hi there,

was this issue ever resolved?