Double parameter value in a element

Hi all,

What is happend over here?


This are the values from a family.


What is the actual value of the parameter in Revit self?

Hi @AlexanderBerg,

No, this is not the actual value.
The actuele value is ones the “BEDIEN”

This is a nested family, but value is ones in all of the familys.
We did the same by other nested familys and there was no problem.

Can you please share an example of the families that replicates the issue? Multiline parameter values

I think you have a mixed list of Instance parameters (Description) and Type parameters.
Best way to get to the Type parameters is to use the Element.Type node.

Thanks alot,

Problem is fix:
We had copied a value from excel to the revit family parameter (just normal way copy paste)
But the cell in Excel was a calculated and toke his data from an other excel worksheet.

The value was visible in the family but disappeared.
I don’t know how but the family keep the value in touch .

Conclusion: When you copy from excel with calculated cells, just paste onces :slight_smile: