FamilyInstances.ByLine: Family Instances By Line operation failed!

Hi Every one !

Please help me: I am getting error “Family Instances By Line operation failed”

Family Instance by Line.dyn (27.4 KB)

M_Inline Pump - Circulator.rfa (556 KB)


Hi @vipinkr

First of all: always expand the error message. It will make it a lot easier to help.

Secondly: try increasing the distance between your points. If your active document is in millimeters, the two points are only 10 mm apart, and the type name has 0.8 m in it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your kind reply sir, I checked it with number 10, 100, and 1000 as well in all the three direction of axis (i.e. X-direction, y-direction & z-direction). Nothing is working.

Is your family linebased?

That I don’t know, here is my family ""

Thanking you,

I’m sorry but I’m not near a computer right now, so I can’t check it.

When you place the family manually in Revit, does it require more than one click to place?

By the way, if you are uncertain about this, then I’ll recommend that you go through the Dynamo Primer here:

I’m guessing it’s not a line-based family. You need to know how your family gets placed in order to place it.