Family Instance by Geometry not working with different Project Template

Hello Community!

I am facing a problem with Family Creation using the FymilyInstancebyGeometry Node.
I created and executed the script succesfully when opening the default Project Template (in my case this was the DefaultAUTDEU from Austria).
Now we changed the default to US Metric and the script creates families which are not visible in the Project. There are no filters etc, that would block the families and the Inputs have always been the same while testing. The families are in there, when you click randomly you can select the families but they seem to be broken because also the Preview is quite wrong. Saving the families and opening them just gives you an empty family without any geometry. The script doesnt show any error.

When I use my DefaultAUTDEU as Project Template it works again and I don´t understand why.
Do you guys have any idea how the Project Template influences the Families? I always thought that the Project Template has no influence.

Thanks in advance!

Assuming you left the geometry the same, did you change your units, or is your family now 304.8% larger than it should be, or only 0.03048% the size it should be?

If you confirm it’s not a scale issue, can you post both templates which you are using and a basic DYN which recreates the issue?

Thanks Jacob it was the Units.
I dont know why I didn´t check them :frowning:

Thanks a lot!

Glad I could help.

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