FamilyType.ByGeometry / FamilyType.VoidByGeometry not working in 2022

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a problem with both nodes to create family types by geometry FamilyType.ByGeometry / FamilyType.VoidByGeometry, they do not work in Revit 2022. The family is created, it is loaded into the project, but unfortunately, the family file stays open and the node gives me an error “The active document may not be closed from the API”. The family geometry is then also in wrong scale in the project. Does anyone have any idea?

Thank you so much.

@Lucy_Lastparametrics it’s working perfectly from my side, Dynamo gets stuck for a minute (while Revit is accessible) then it gets back to normal.
Which Dynamo version are you using?
Maybe a Transaction.Start and Transaction.End might solve it for you.

@tradelie thanks for your reply. Unfortunately Transaction strat/end does not work. I am using this version:

@Lucy_Lastparametrics try to upgrate to 2.12 or the latest 2.13 (Dynamo Revit)

@tradelie Thank you, that was it, I had to instal Revit Hotfix :slight_smile:

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