FamilyInstance from Geometry in the same place of geometry

Hi again guys. I had this code that worked well on revit 2021, but with 2022 everything has stopped working. I had to create a generic model from an imported DWG. I used Spirn Nodes FamilyInstance.ByGeometry, it works, but the scale of the instance is wrong. I don’t know why this it happens, the family template is set in millimeters and so my project. The same thing happens with FamilyType.ByGeometry and with FamilyInstance.ByPoint, the scale is wrong and i don’t know how to get the solid origin point to place the instance family in the exact place where the solid is. The solid is an extrusion from DWG and it is of the correct shape. When i create the family everything blows up, i don’t know if it is the template for the generic model of Revit 2022. The same procedure worked well with revit 2021, but i can’t simply re download it since i can’t open my current model on it.

Revit 2022 changed the way units are handled, so scaling is off with this node. Best to pre-scale the geometry as needed before making the family instance, or use the out of the box family type by geometry node followed by the family instance by point node.

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Thank you, but the geometry generated is in the rigth place and with the right dimension (is the orange one in the pictures) Is the node FamilyType.ByGeometry which changes the scale (the instance is 3.3 times bigger). I have to scale the family type before placing the instance?

So, since i’m working with metric system and Revit units are imperial, inside the node FamilyType.ByGeometry he read the units of the geometry (metric) as if they were imperial?

No - he reads the geometry with the old method of importing geometry via the API, but the new one has additional variables which need to be taken into account.

While your geometry may be right in Dynamo, that’s a temporary state (nothing in a DYN persists after you close Dynamo), so scaling it up by whatever need be prior to sending to Revit to get the right results should solve the issue where it matters (the Revit file where you want the family instance).

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