Structural Framing element geometry

Hello. Is there a way to get the geometry of structural framing? The Element.Geometry node returns an empty value for Structural Framing elements.

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Is there a way to use that to get structural framing geometry for elements in the project at the right location? In the same way that All Elements of Category -> Element.Geometry returns the actual elements in the project as geometry for dynamo to use.

Can you show the script you are working with and the error?
A simple workflow appears not to have a problem with Structural Framing Geometry.


I am using Dynamo 1.3.2 with Revit 2016 if it makes a difference.

I believe your Dynamo version is the issue here. Last I checked 2016 stopped at 1.3.1. Can you confirm any issues after testing the same graph and file in 2017? If not share the rvt and the dyn and I can.

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If you are trying to just get the start and end points or the line from the beam then the element.location node for clockwork 1.0 is great.

Thank you guys for the responses.

@Mr_D I need the geometry so unfortunately just the lines wouldn’t help.

@jacob.small I didn’t know that, thank you. I will try it in 2017 when I get back to work on Monday. Is there an alternative for 2016 or should I be using Dynamo 1.3.1 instead? Ideally, my script would work in 2016.

If your office is doing production work in 2016, then yes limit yourself at 1.3.1. I’d push away from that though - it’s approaching the 4 releases back and you’re gonna to cut ties at some point anyway.

If you do find the file is having an issue with 2017 please share it so we can try and find the issue.