Face based family at a point on a face

First attempt at Dynamo and I’m sure I’ve made this too complicated but need some direction. I would like to place a lifter on a precast wall at specific distances from the inside face and both ends based on the wall width. I can get it to place the objects but it always places them at the ground level. Do I need to align them or pick a face instead? I would use this same function on the edge of the panel also but it currently piles them on at the bottom of the wall.

Try using FamilyInstance.BypointandLevel node:

That may work on the top, but I was hoping to get this to work on the edge of a wall as well.

Could you drop relevant rvt and dyn file?

I would love to, but when I tried it stated I was a new user and couldn’t upload files.

Drop it in dropbox or google drive and share the link here.

This is a project I’m having my students work on and would like to expose them to Dynamo with this process.

Here is the project file:

Here is the Dynamo file:

The Springs.FamilyInstance.ByFacePoints node is what I was looking for. I’m getting closer to have it function. It’s currently only placing a face at the first point though. Edge Lifters2.dyn (34.6 KB)