Create curb along ramp face

Hey guys
I’ve create a ramp in revit and made a family which face base and i want to repeated it along the face that i’ve selected in the select face NOD and i don’t know how can i array it with dynamo ?

Why did you made a smartphone picture. Screenshot has much better quality.

Don´t got your question. what face did you select? where is the dynamo code?

Here is a topic about arraying on a path, you can use a similar approach: Array to Path.

For placing the elements try the FamilyInstance.ByFacePoints node from the Springs package: Face based family at a point on a face

(I found both solutions in this forum, why people don’t use the search before posting? You just waited for me two hours to search it for you, but you could get the answer in 1 second… The keywords I searched for was: “array path” and “face based”)