Automatically place a face based family on a wall?

I’m making a wall in which I have to place a face based family at 1/5 of Width and 2/3 of Height and mirror it to the other side. its the same rule for every wall, Is the there way to place it/or position it automatically??

Look into the “hosted instance by points” node in the springs package. Share more of your content (ie: a stripped down Revit file, and your dyn) if you’re still stuck after trying that for a bit.

The first step into providing a solution to that question is to break it down into small steps.
Guessing by your example you’ll need to:

  1. Get a list of walls on which you wish to perform your operation ( this can be a single wall; or all walls depending on the context )
  2. You will need to get the interior and exterior faces of said walls to figure out the correct insertion points for each one
  3. You can use the faces of the walls to calculate a point on the face of the wall
  4. Then you will need to add in your face-based family and insert it at said insertion points to the walls.

Sadly I don’t know the specific nodes you’ll need for this; but these steps should be googleable:

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so whenever i draw a precast wall the sockes should autoamticcally be placed as per the given rules…

Ive made one for straight walls…i stil need to modify for angled walls…any ideas on how to make the points move on the same plane as the wall??Home.dyn (52.3 KB)

Can you post a camera export of your graph? I’m on mobile so can’t open dyns

Top one is for straight walls

bottom is for angled

both work

still needs grouping…etc

None of the nodes are legible, zoom in so you can read the nodes before you do the export - the whole canvas gets exported this way, even those you can’t see.


family on wall.dyn (51.0 KB)

it only works for straight walls Horizontally drawn… NOT angled or vertically drawn

And only if drawn left to right

Centroid.dyn (8.7 KB)