Extruded model line to get elements

Hi all,

I use this door renumbering by model line script. however the model line cant pick up doors on slightly higher or lower levels. Is there a way to extrude the model line with dynamo to pick up doors on these other planes? Hope that makes sense. Script below and little diagram to help what I’m trying to say :slight_smile:

Door_Renumber With Model Line Spline.dyn (30.5 KB)



  1. Get curve for reference spline.
  2. Get location of doors.
  3. Use ClosestPointOnGeometry to find points on the curve correlating to the door locations.
  4. Get the parameter of the points on the curve.
  5. Sort these with ascending Index.
  6. Use the sorted indices to sort the doors along the curve on order.
  7. Set parameters accordingly.

This way it doesn’t matter if door locations are exactly or slightly away from the reference curve. :grinning:

I haven’t checked the dyn, so was not sure of your workflow. Will have a look Monday :+1:


Thanks for your help. I cant quite figure this out though :frowning: How would only pick up doors a meter away from the line too and not all the doors in the project. I guess you would need exclude all doors above a certain distance away. I’m struggling to sort the beginning though to figure out the doors distance from the line. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Something like this :wink:

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Thank you! you are so smart, this is really cool. Could I be slightly more of a pain, how would i turn your dist equation into nodes so I can use the distance away from the spline as a user imput when using dynamo player. trying this below but dosnt work

Replace the 1500 with another input placeholder like.

dist<=userinput ?

This allows a second input for the node, which you can have being populated by using the #data-shapes UI nodes. There are lots of topics floating around on how to use this great package. :grinning:

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Awesome thanks man. I’ll give it a go when I’m back at work. Got the ui input nodes pretty sussed I think haha

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