Number objects in Revit


I’d like to number Objects (windows) with Dynamo.
I use “List.GroupByKey” because I want to number left’s windows and right’s windows separatedly.

Difficulty : I need to number from 0 to xx, next to the red and ugly arrow

Someone can help me?
thank you

Some nodes which may be of use here:


That may fall apart if you have a more elaborate façade, but you’re only showing an L on each side so currently it works.

You can also use a selection by curve method if you want to just ‘trace over’ the walls with a line in plan. Look into ‘renumber by spline’ on the forum for that - there are some good examples using piles.

Thank you Jacob for your help.
I take a look of old message about “renumber by spline”

i let you know


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i try some dynamo node about Renumber by spline

but i have “Avertissements”

Can someone explain me what does it mean?