Extrude Polysurface to another surface

I am trying to extrude Polysurface 1 to surface 1 as seen in the image 1. Motive is to create a solid geometry and export as SAT file.
But somehow there is no direct node to achieve the same .
I tried extruding the individual curves of the surfaces in polysurface 1 but it will not create a solid geometry as seen in image 2 .
Is there there a workaround ?

Combine the surfaces into a poly surface and then convert that polysurface into a solid. Depending on how you made things normals may need to be reversed.

@Dushyant_Negi I’ll assume that the base of your geometry is rectangular and aligned to the primary axes

  1. Convert your (closed) polysurface to a solid using Polysurface.ExtractSolids
  2. Obtain the bounding box of the geometry using BoundingBox.ByGeometry
  3. Convert the bounding box to a solid using BoundingBox.ToCuboid
  4. Use Solid.Difference to subtract (1) from (3) toand obtain what seems to be your goal
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Hi @Vikram_Subbaiah Vikram,
Base of the geometry is actually not rectangular .Let me explain the issue again .
I have a modified Floor 1 and from this I want to generate Floor2 as solid geometry (so as to export as STL).
so basically moving surface S0 to plane XY.
My approach was to :

1-Convert all the surfaces S1,S2,S3,S4 into Polysurface1.(P1)
2-Create another surface (S0’) from perimeter points of P1
3-somehow create solid geometry between P1 and S0’

But for some reason Step3 is not working out .

Hi jacob, Somehow polysurface to solid is not working out in this context

Can you post the Dynamo graph and file necessary for us to recreate it?

One approach:

  • Project the perimeter curves of the lower (faceted) surface onto the upper surface
  • Create solids using Solid.ByLoft
  • Union the solids

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Hi @Andreas_Dieckmann …It Gives this error at the end …


Also I m uploading the files @jacob.small… if someone can see what I am not doing right

Can you clarify which surfaces you want to join into a solid?

hI @Andreas_Dieckmann I am intending to join the image 2 surfaces …

Loft by perimeter curves as an option.

Is it under some package .Can’t seem to find ?

get the perimeter curves first - I think it’s Surface.PerimeterCurves. Then search your library for ‘loft’ as there are several options.