Mesh to Polysurface?

Very sorry if this is a noob question, but is there a way to turn a Mesh(topography in Revit) to a Polysurface made of triangles? Nothing seems to work, thank you!:slight_smile:

Theres a node in the mesh toolkit package that will do this, and I believe also in DynamoUnfold package

hmm, actually, I’m not sure if thats correct, the nodes I was thinking of convert from a surface to a tessellated Surface, what you want to do is get every triangle of the mesh(3 verts sets) then pass that to Surface.ByPoints() and then create a polysurface from those surfaces by joining them.

Yes, I fixed my issue in a very similar way! Thanks for the reply nonetheless, I will check out the DynamoUnfold package soon and I’m sure I will need it in the future. Here’s my final workspace as I was trying to turn model lines into floors that follow topography, it can also be used to “thicken” a topo. Thanks again!




Can you please provide program/design script for this?