Polysurface from Polycurves

Hi all,

What is the best way to create a polysurface from polycurves? I think there is a solution with creating a mesh first, but I’m not sure. I’ve been using Dynamo to modify Revit files, but I haven’t dealt much with the different types of geometries in Dynamo. Any help would be great!

@jwade A surface should do, I suppose


Thank you for the reply. This works for simple polycurves, but the curves I am trying to turn into a surface is shown below (including curve points). These lines represent topography, so each one is at a different elevation than its neighbor. I get errors because the surfaces that would be created would intersect themselves. Are there nodes/functions to handle this kind of geometry?

I could use the lines to create a topo surface in Revit, but doing so would add to the size of the model. I’d rather maintain lines in Revit and have dynamo create the surface when needed.

Hi @jwade
Did you manage to do this?

I am also curious; did you manage this with complex polycurves?