Extrude 3D centerlines based on the layers Wall

Hi, Does anyone know if it’s possible to create centerlines based on the layers of the wall and extrude them in 3D, just like analytical models are shown? I don’t know programming, but I am asking if it’s possible with programming as well, to create either a dynamo script, or a plug-in for Revit. Thanks!

Hi @moraruandrei29,

You can use the Wall CompoundStructureLayersLocation of the Genius Loci package to retrieve the wall layers location lines.
If you only want a single location line per wall, the OOTB GetLocation node will suffice.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner, I need the centerlines to be also extruded, not only lines. You think it’s possible something like that?

Curve.Extrude would do the trick.

You could also pull the profile of the exterior face and offset that by a portion of the thickness.

To answer the question “is it possible?”: Yes.

Hi @JacobSmall
But is it possible that the extrude will have gaps for the windows and doors? I am mostly interested in if that is possible actually.

Yes - pulling the wall’s outside face to the location line would be the way I would go about that.

@JacobSmall Can you show a simple example? Thank you!