Wall Center Lines with Dynamo

Hi there,
I’m very new to Dynamo but I used Grasshopper in the past and they look very similar so I’m hoping there is a way to do what I want in Dynamo, but I just don’t know the nodes well enough to do it.

What I’m trying to do is create a detail line based on my walls’ centre line. So, basically I want to be able to select a Wall Type, find it’s centre line, and create a detail item (a line) from that, so that I can show it on a set of construction plans I need to produce. It doesn’t sound too complicated but I can’t find the right workflow on dynamo. Googled it for a while, but didn’t find any helpful info, so, I decided to ask for your help.

Found this video, which looks exactly what I’m trying to do, but plays too fast and resolution is not good enough for me to understand what he does:

Any help would be really appreciated.

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Hi @maria.tzamp,

I didn’t watch the video but you can create a line in the center of the wall like this :


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner,
Thanks for your quick and efficient reply! Exactly what I wanted. But just to understand, the ‘ElementGetLocation’ is the node that gives me the centre line of any element? I would expect a node called ‘center-something’…

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You’re welcome.

The walls are curves based elements so GetLocation outputs a line.
For other elements the result will be the center point.

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Hi Maria,

Just something to watch out for… Obviously the detail lines aren’t attached to the wall, so you’ll need to keep deleting and recreating before you print, to keep them up to date… if you’re dimensioning etc. that might cause issues…

A different approach might be in Revit to split your wall core into 2… you’ll get a line which is always going to follow your wall… obviously this creates its own problems, but worth considering before you jump in :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mark.Ackerley ,
I tried splitting the wall core into 2 at first, but I need it to look like a dash-dot line in the centre and couldn’t find a way to have different different graphics on the build up lines.

The option that @Alban_de_Chasteigner suggested works fine for what I need to issue (I’m only planning to run the script once, just before I issue), although I couldn’t get it to work for specific wall types instead of all walls, but it’s ok I guess… better than where I was before I asked you. :slight_smile:


Sure, it’s always about finding the best solution… For a 1 off it would be better to use a detail line :slight_smile:

It is possible to get a dot dash line style, but as stated above it involves messing with the structure of your walls which could cause a problem at some point anyway…

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Sorry all for interrupting,
But do Alban have any idea for constraint that lines to the Wall at centre wall positions? I’m just a Revit Operator and our company’s designers want to when they change the design, they can touch the model, move/extend the wall so that centerline can be updated the new changes.
Hopy you can reply my late comment.
Appreciated! Thank you so much.

Hi this great , how can modify this script to color this line according to wall code or wall type