Extracting window parameters and listing overall window area per room/Space

Hi guys,

i hoping someone might be able to help me here, i think i’m nearly there but can quite get over the final hurdle.

i’m trying to extract the window data from an architects model.

ultimately i want to do this via a linked file, but for now i’m doing it in the architects model.

Ive got all my windows listed out per room, which is almost exactly what i need.

however this is listing the ‘Type’ and not necessarily the size.


1/ if its possible id like the get the length and width values.
2/ get the area of each window
3/ get to total area of windows per room
4/ Have a list of rooms with total area of windows (but includes the rooms that have no windows - so have 0 value if there are no windows.).

I’ve tried a few different things but seem to fail at item 4. with the ‘empty lists’ disappearing once i do anything with the length and width values.

this will form part of a bigger script so i need all the rooms in the list.

any ideas how i can get this working?

Thank you.


windows test.dyn (14.5 KB)
window Test.rvt (1.8 MB)

Try searching the forums before posting a question. There are a lot of threads about this exact topic already.

Maybe my question is a little too long. I’ve been through lots of threads on this, windows, empty lists, null values etc.

I can get all the data i need, but every time i get to the end i get this situation.

Where i have room numbers and totals of window area.

just my lists are out of sync because i don’t have a 0 value to align with the room with no glazing.

5 rooms/4 areas.

if this has been answered already i cant seem to find it.

Ah. I apologize. I see what you’re saying now.
You can use List.Deconstruct to separate your Rooms from their windows. Any rooms without windows will have an empty list and therefore sum to 0.

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Thank You @Nick_Boyts


my initial post did over complicate things!

Don’t forget that if a post solves your problem to mark it a solution!

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