Obtaining rooms finish surface


I am trying to obtain the area of the surrounding walls of every room. The script takes the perimeter and the height of the room and calculates the m2. On a separate string, I get all the doors and remove their m2, I get an error when trying to remove the curtain walls(Which are used as windows) area.

I am using the Room.insertsOfBoundaries and then remove all the elements I don’t need. When I try to get the Area of the remaining walls I get "Dereferencing a non-pointer” Error. I assume it has to do something with the fack I have quite a few empty lists. When I flatten I get the results but lose to which room the values belong (changes the list order)

Here is the script. As always any suggestions or comments on how to improve the script are very wall welcomed.

Get-Room-Inside-Walls-Area.dyn (31.6 KB)

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Don’t flatten the entire list, just the sublists representing each room. If you have a room with no curtain walls (still an empty list) then you’ll have to use some logic to treat that as a 0.