Some question about window's area in room

The window‘side is 1.5X1.5, why the window’s area is not 2.25?

It is a function of how the window is built. Often the area is a function of clear opening while the width and length is rough.

Is there any other way to use synamo to extract the area of ​​the room windows?

Not easily, unless the window is built consistently.

You could get the volume of the glass material as one option, and divide by the glazing thickness of that is a parameter.

Get their width and height if they are reliable, and multiply them. You could then use the convert units node to go from mm2 to m2.

This is the big issue; garbage in will result in garbage out. As a computational designer you need to have a complete understanding of the data you are working with, and if you can’t ensure that the windows width and height drive the area in all cases (meaning you are using a curated and managed window library, not manufacturer families or reusing content from other jobs/firms) then you have to go another route.

Thank you all very much. I tried to generate the boundingbox of the window, then converted it into a solid, and extracted the length, width and height of the solid to calculate, but it can only be the area of ​​rectangular windows and must placed in parallel, arc windows and windows placed diagonally will be wrong .

Yeah - bounding boxes are not meant for this. Reviewing your family library and identifying a common parameter to extract the data from is your best bet.

True, but windows have to have a width/height even if they aren’t associated properly. I tend to just give architects a book of assumptions with my main tools I develop. They can jump through the hoops if they want to benefit from automation, not my tools.