Extract curves from only one side of floor


I’m trying to extract the curves from only one side of a floor modified by points in Revit (only top or only bottom). The purpose of this is to later use those curves to create framing geometry.
However,currently I am only able to extract all the edges of the floor (top, bottom, and sides).

I’m not sure on what’s the best way to go about this, perhaps filtering the list and discarding the curves that share the same x and y coordinates? (again, I’m not sure how to do that) Or maybe there’s a different easier method to achieve the same end result that I’m after?

There are many way to go about this. Others might have better solutions. It’s a little longer than your, but here goes.

How about breaking down your 3d object into its surfaces, find the normal vector of thoses surfaces. find all vectors that are >0 to filter out the bottom and sides, get the curfes of thoses surfaces, then removing the duplicates.

Alternatively, you could make a polysurface out of the surfaces and not have to filter unique curves, but for the life of me, I can’t find the node this morning…

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Thanks. You pointed me in the right direction with the faces. I ended up with a slightly different method, using a custom node from Landform, and got it working.

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