Floor points

Hi, I am working on getting the vertices for multiple Revit floors to export to an Excel spreadsheet. The problem is that when I extract the geometry vertices I get many points for the floors, (I get points for the top face and bottom face of the floors). Would anybody have thoughts on how I can extract the points for just one of the faces? Thanks in advance.

File: FloorVertices.dyn





Thanks Vikram. The process works well until I try it on multiple slabs.





This could be simplified but I use it for all my slab interop efforts (.xlsx, e2k, s2k, .csv etc)

Packaged as a custom node and used with list.map you can snag all the curves (if you want points just extract them from the curves)

Note this keeps the list sorted by floor element, then by face, then by curve. The boolean toggle will cycle between Top Surfaces and Bottom Surfaces.

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Hey Jeff,

That’s really cool. Is the node “Find Items by Map” something you have made yourself or is it from a package?


@Jeff_Shaver ,

I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing this. It must have been a huge amount of work to figure this out. This has been incredibly useful in a program I’ve been making.

Great stuff!