Select objects inside rooms

Hi, I am fairly new to Dynamo.
I am looking for a way to automate filling the asset data sheet in a project information model. More specifically, I am looking at detecting the location (room) for all asset objects. I am looking at electrical and mechanical equipment.
In order to capture the room in which an object is located, I am imagining scripting something that would:
1 - for each object in a given category, extract its volume,
2 - for each room, extract volume
3 - for each object volume, analyse intersection with all room volumes, and return only room number with intersecting volume.
4 - fill the returned room number(s) in a predefined parameter of the object.

Am I on the right track? and do you think this is possible?
Any advice would be very appreciated.

if you share you work .it will more clarification to help you…

Check out the archilab “Elements in Room” node

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