Extra output appears in node after opening project

I struggle with strange inconvenient error. Every time I open my dynamo script I get extra output in node.
Multi-output nodes are invalid so I have to make&connect new ones each time.

This node is called “Section” from “Structural Analysis” package. It reads available bar sections from another program.

Is it a Dynamo a package bug?


Do you have multiple versions of Dynamo on your machine?

Also simply use a string instead of the drop-down menu, this is much more reliable (same goes for most of the “naming” nodes in the Analysis package.

E.g. Write:
“HEA 280”;
“IPE 100”;

In a codeblock.

Yup, I have Dyn2.0 and Dyn1.3.3. I work in 2.0.
Writing sections names as a string is a effective workaround but it’s still workaround :slight_smile: I wonder if same problem happens to other nodes from other packages or build-in nodes.

I seem to remember seeing this issue with custom nodes stemming from several version of json being installed.

I wonder, have you reached using the Analysis.Calculate node yet?
As I’ve found this does not work in 2.0.

Have a look here: When I restart dynamo one more output is added

Thanks for familiar thread, nah it’s 11minutes older than mine :slight_smile:

Nope, I did not reached that far. Now I build my script/model so it gives the same results as the original one.
Next I plan to link it to Optimo package.

It is funny you say that, keep me updated it is exactly what I’ve been doing :slight_smile:
But before you get too far in 2.0 check the analysis thing, it might keep you in 1.3

The author of this package needs to update it- please contact them.

I have the same problem with some archilab nodes from @Konrad_K_Sobon today (some printing nodes) and it happend after i installed the genius Loci package from @Alban_de_Chasteigner
i am using dynamo 2.0

I didn’t test the package with Dynamo 2.0.
I will review it this weekend.

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I can reproduce the error even if the package Genius Loci is uninstalled.
I will continue to investigate.

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If this package was not updated for 2.0 then this will occur on loading a saved file.
If another package bundles a different version of json.net than dynamo uses, this will also occur as the .net runtime cannot find json constructors even if the package author uses the attributes.

You all might want to hold your horses on that 2.0 update. Very few packages were updated to 2.0 as of now so it will be an issue for a while. Also it will take some time to make the “proper” updates as there are still some bugs and changes in Dynamo 2.0 that were not documented anywhere and everyone needs to sort that out before we are all on the same page. If you really want to start using 2.0 use, vanilla 2.0 for now, and only add packages that were officially updated. For now I was able to update archi-lab.net as well as archi-lab_Mandrill. I am still working on others.