Dynamo Drop-Down Nodes Error


Refer to IMG above. Among many other buggy issues I am facing, I feel most in particular is the condition of any sort of node with a drop-down option duplicates its outputs everytime the script is reopened. This is frustrating because everytime the script is rerun, it results in an error because the output of that node isn’t referencing the correct output. Why is Dynamo creating extraneous outputs when there should only be one?!

If this node is from a package - the package has not been updated for dynamo 2.0 yet.

Hi @Michael_Kirschner2 I’m talking about any…nearly 90% of any nodes that have a drop down such as native ones like Views or Sheets…becomes corrupted after each reopen of the script.

Hi @Dynamonkey this means that something is preventing Json.net from working correctly. I would remove other packages you have installed as a first step and note any green notifications you have in the dynamo menu - and try removing any add-ins that are mentioned there as conflicting with newtonsoft.json.net.

I should mention that as of dynamo 2.0, dynamo uses this library for saving and loading files. If another addin or package is referencing a different version of this library, and it gets loaded it can cause bizarre runtime failures like you are seeing.