Extending standard DWG export capabilities

Revit uses quite limited logic to place elements on different layers during export to DWG. Thus, all lines are exported to a single layer, all pipes annotations to another one. Is there a way to change this logic and define own rules for grouping elements by layers and naming the layers according to element’s parameters?

I don’t think you can assign layers per parameter.

Again, if you are not sure about some functionality a good rule of thumb is to check if the standard Revit UI allows for it. If it doesn’t then its most likely that you won’t be able to achieve this with Dynamo.

Revit can export subcategories to unique layers too. Not all elements can go to subcategories (many system families can not) but it’s a start!

well, it is not dynamo, but autodesk is offering a plugin for german speaking coúntries. the link:http://bimblog.typepad.com/autodesk_bim_blog/2015/02/erweiterte-m%C3%B6glichkeiten-f%C3%BCr-den-dwg-exdport-cad-und-bim-standard-tool-f%C3%BCr-revit.html

the plugin is called RevitToDWG and it is free.
it allows you to configure the DWG export:

“Wände” is german for walls
maybe that is a solution for you

here is a dl link for a english version for Revit 2018