Import electrical panel schedules to Revit using Dynamo

My company would like to use their standard excel panel schedules instead of using the built in panel schedules that Revit has. I am not sure if Dynamo can do this, but can we use Dynamo to import the data into Revit and create a schedule and place it into our panel schedule sheet? We can link the excel sheets in, but when we plot it out the font doesn’t look right.

Hi @jonathangolf

Could you drop here your relevant files (Excel, Panel Schedules, .rvt)

Please try to illustrate your request a little. There is already a lot of information on this topic that could help to get started. Here are some examples:

Yes it’s doable but can I ask your company why they need to keep doing things the way they did when they used CAD? BIM should be used like BIM not like pen and paper.

Try looking into the various methods for creating key schedules which have been posted on the forum several times now. The import method you are using likely doesn’t resolve the text/font. If you want a plugin look into Ideate Tools which costs money and does a similar version to the key schedule via Dynamo which I mentioned above (but isn’t actually keys so you can’t link it back to other schedules).