Exporting/Importing Revit Data to Excel/CSV


I am trying to export/import data from Revit to Excel using Dynamo. I have a script that works for exporting information except for one thing. Objects 2 - 10 under [1] List appear in Excel as Jan - 52 instead of 1-52, Jan 53 instead of 1-53 etc. I have tried changing the format of cells in Excel to text before exporting but Dynamo seems to override any settings in Excel when exporting. Changing the format of cells to text in Excel after exporting doesn’t give me 1-52 either (changing the cell with Jan-52 in Excel to text returns 18994 instead of 1-52). Anyway to get around this so that information is exported to Excel as 1-52,1-53 etc. I have tried using String from Object but to no avail. Revit has the information showing correctly till the very last step. Its only when exporting it that it gets changed to Month-Date format. Any help is appreciated.

Change cell formatting in Excel to Number or Text instead of Date.

I’ve already tried that and it doesn’t work. Changing the format to text before importing doesn’t do anything because Dynamo seems to override any settings in Excel. And changing the format to text after exporting doesn’t give me the same either (Jan-52 changes to 18994 instead of 1-52 on changing the format to text).

Hi @ksharma

Another possible way to add this { " "} before feeding your your values to excel. Its because By default Excel cell format is set to General. See Below is an example of door numbers. Good Luck!


Yup that worked for me. Thank you!